Bubbles is the result of the continuation of an experimentation with plaster and resin that started in the development of Drops collection.

The attempt to control the shape of the plaster in its liquid state for the creation of rigid molds guided the experiments. The shapes and finishings of the Bubbles suggest a viscous state and create a sense of movement, raising doubt about their consistency.

The collection consists of 3 objects that should be supported on horizontal surfaces, such as shelves and tables. The pieces were shaped  in plaster by the designers themselves and then cast in colored and sandblasted resin.


Crystal coloured resin with matte finish


Model 1 22 x 20 x 18 H  cm 

Model 2 25 x 20 x 18 H  cm 

Model 3 19 x 18 x 13 H  cm 



Photo credits

Studio Trad - Giu Ramaglia