ORBE is a lamp with indirect light, designed to provide soft illumination to the environment. The wall lamp continues the collection, having the same visual identity as the table model previously launched.

Its structure is composed of a front box that houses the light source and two conical volumes that have the function of hitter, being the front responsible for illuminating the environment and the posterior the support surface. Each of these elements is marked by the use of different colors and finishes that seek to emphasize the precise constitution of the ORBE lamp.​

Its name alludes to the aesthetics of the object, given by the conjunction of the geometric design with its metallic finishes and matte colors. At the same time, the circular reflectors  set up a kind of aura. It can resemble either a classic piece full of symbolism, or a technological instrument with a futuristic character.


Brass and aluminium


40 x 15 x 60 H cm


Silver x Blue / Black x Red  / Golden x Carbon



Photo credits

Alex Batista