The collection comes from the insertion of an intruding element in the structure of the furniture, which appears to be composed of randomly stacked parts. The chest of drawers and the console are made up of geometric blocks that, due to the presence of the spheres, are almost unbalanced. The subtle support of the parties raises doubt about the stability and functionality of the sets. Despite the disordered relationship between the components, the pieces were designed to be fully functional. The misaligned volumes are fixed to each other and the drawers are leveled in their interior.


The materials seek to emphasize the contrast between the elements. The white volumes are made of wood with matte lacquer finish and the spheres of shiny brass.


Wood with matte lacquer finish and brass


Console 180 x 40 x 25 H  cm 

Chest of drawers 40 x 80 x 41 H cm  





Photo credits

Studio Trad