The Totem project is the result of a research on Brazilian odors and natural resins. The Almécega tree is known for its aromatic property and its sap is used as a incense by natives of the Amazon Forest. When burned, the sap melts and forms a resin that retains the characteristic smell of the plant. The sap is called Breu. When done in a sustainable way, the extraction does not imply deforestation, it stimulates a greater production of resin in the tree and encourages the development of local communities.

In order to explore this characteristic odor of the Forest, the Studio begins an experiment with Breu and proposes a censer capable of melting the material, releasing its pleasant smell in the environment.

Totem is composed of a cylindrical volume and resin plates. The body houses a candle and supports the incense, which is melted by the heat generated inside the piece. The plates obtained by spilling the material in liquid state, draw attention for its strong color and diverse shapes. A V-shaped cut is made to direct the melted resin, thus preserving the lit candle. The contrast between the metallic body of the censer and the brightness of the Breu plates invites for a close look and gives a graphic character to the design.

Totem is an experimental project that addresses the sense of smell and was produced for the exhibition Feel, with the theme 'The 5 senses'.


Anodized Aluminium Body and Breu Resins


10 D x 30 H cm



Photo credits

Studio Trad - Giu Ramaglia